Measurement , Analyzer and Simulation Software for CAN-Bus

XTM is the new and easy to use Measurement and Analyzer software for CAN bus and other embedded networks used in Automotive systems. The Software offers the possibility to watch the CAN bus traffic of one or more CAN buses in one or more Trace-Windows. The recording of the CAN messages can be controlled by easy-to-use Trigger functions. The in real-time recorded CAN messages can be decoded with imported description files in DBC or LDF format. The contents of the decoded CAN messages (physical values) can be displayed in online mode in several visualization objects. It’s also possible to send self–defined CAN messages and pre-recorded CAN traces to the CAN bus using the CAN Send- or CAN Replay Window.
Beside the CAN-Trace-Window, Xtm offers a powerful and easy-to-use Graphic- und Panel-Window:

  • x/y-diagram
  • Bar graph, Tacho, numeric display etc.

The Statistic-Window shows information like message rate, bus errors bus load etc.
Xtm has a modular design: On the low level part there are interfaces to the hardware and interfaces which implement the special communication protocols like e.g. CCP or XCP. These interfaces are created and setup during the configuration phase but are not visible during normal operation. Visible are the data and signals which are generated by that interfaces.
Hardware interfaces are running independently of the graphical user interface. Each hardware interface has it’s own high-priority thread assigned so XTM can take huge advantage of modern multi-core computers. All time critical functions like script-programs, log-to-file, timers, trigger functions, etc. are performed by the high-priority threads. This guarantees the best possible performance. Time resolution of the built-in timers is 1ms.

When building your own applications, XTM allows you to focus on your real task. XTM provides you a complete event orientated programming environment. With a high quality timer implementation, built-in transport protocols like ISO-15765 or VWTP you don’t have to bother with writing program code for the basic functions.


Key Features

  • CAN, LIN and other Network Interfaces
  • CAN Trace-Window
  • CAN-Statistic-Window
  • CAN-Send-Window
  • Graphic-Window
  • Panel-Window
  • Tune-Window
  • Script-Programming
  • Included transport protocols for diagnostic
  • Import of DBC and LDF description files

The new software environment for comprising CAN Bus Analysis: XTM