Aim-TTi  - Portable Spectrum Analyzers

Big on performance, small on size and cost

The PSA Series 2 and 5 are unlike any other RF spectrum analyzer. It builds upon the success of the PSA-T series in offering a lightweight and truly handheld instrument that incorporates an extensive feature set. An improved user interface is combined with many new hardware and software features.

The rapid growth in the use of wireless communications and the inclusion of RF elements into many electronic designs has increased the need for RF test equipment. Most countries have now implemented legislation requiring products to comply with standards for radiated and conducted emissions.

The PSA Series is sufficiently small and lightweight (0.56 kg) to fit comfortably into the hand - unlike most other so-called handheld spectrum analyzers.

The 4.3 TFT display provides a wealth of detailed information. Colour is used to clearly distinguish between multiple traces, markers and limit lines. The touch-screen uses a three row hierarchical menu system to provide fast and intuitive control of the many functions.

The PSA Series operates from a Li-ion rechargeable battery that can provide more than 8 hours of continuous operation for Series 2 and 3.5 hours for the Series 5. If switched off to conserve power, it returns to normal operation within two seconds of switch-on with all data retained. It can also be set to switch off automatically after a set time from the last action. For continuous bench top operation it can be powered from its AC adaptor which also recharges the batteries in less than 3 hours.

USB Flash drives can be used to copy and backup data, or transfer it to a PC for analysis. Alternatively a USB device interface is included for direct connection to a PC for file transfer.

PSA series comparison table (excludes specifications and features that are common to all models):






Maximum Frequency





Minimum Frequency





Maximum Reference Level



Minimum Reference Level



Noise Floor / DANL

-96dBm (Ref = -20dBm,15kHz RBW);

-120dBm (Ref = -40dBm, 10kHz RBW);

Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)

15kHz, 280kHz, 1MHz or Auto

300Hz to 10MHz (1:3:10 sequence) or Auto

Video Bandwidth (VBW)

On/Off (Tracking)

1kHz to 30MHz or Tracking

Detector Modes

Peak (+ve)

Peak (+ve, -ve or alternate), Sample, RMS, Avg.

Sweep Time Control

Automatically set by Span and RBW

Automatic with manual override


Audio only, AM or FM

Audio and Waveform, AM or FM

Frequency Counter


Yes (resolution down to 10Hz)

Automatic Measurements


CP, ACPR, OBW (requires option U02)

RF Input Connector


N type

Battery Life per charge

> 8 hours

> 3.5 hours