Multiproduct calibrators of Transmille

3000 Series (Bench models)

Transmille have re-engineered the popular 2000 series multi product calibrators to produce the next generation in high performance calibrator.
The new 3000 series calibrators are housed in a totally new case design with a new ergonomically design rubber keyboard, offering durability and ease of use. The new case also provides strength, particularly during transportation. The new internal fan and heat sinking combined with a new high reliability MOS power amplifier design gives longer operation at higher power, delivering an incredible 30Amps into the Transmille clamp coil adaptor, allowing calibration of the growing number of dmmís with 30A ranges and clamp meters up to 1500Amps.

Technically, the new design offers many new features such as 30A current, active and passive resistance & capacitance. This gives the advantage of a precision of fixed value plus variable resistance and capacitance across a wide range of values, up to 10mF for capacitance. The specifications and frequency range have also been improved. All models now come with thermocouple simulation as standard, the 3041 & 3010 also include PRT calibration as standard as well. Power calibration options now available for the 3041 & 3010 use cutting edge DDS programmable waveform generation allowing calibration of the harmonic measurement functions of power meters. The user can select from standard built in waveforms or upload arbitrary waveforms from a PC, allowing an unlimited choice. Oscilloscope calibration options for the three models now including a low cost 300MHz and a high performance 600MHz option. A new combined workstation option, which can link to the coil, provides calibration of insulation testers with a range of resistances to 2GOhm. Also built-in are functions for the calibration of process control calibrators which can source and measure voltage and current.  

For a demo on YouTube, please click: here.

1000 Series (Portables)

A perfect successor for the 9000 Series is the world first Ultra Light Multi-Product Calibrator.

The new 1000 Series is set to transform the world of calibration - the completely new design utilises the latest in cutting edge digital and analogue electronics, combined with the latest manufacturing techniques to create the worlds first ultra portable full function calibrator. Transmille have applied their expertise in designing bench and transportable calibrators to create this new generation of multi function calibrators to offer true portability and rapid return on investment.
For the first time the 1000 Series will allow you to easily take your calibration laboratory with you. The significant improvement in portability changes how and where calibration can be performed. On-site calibration is not a new idea, but older designs meant carrying large, heavy instruments. The 1000 Series is easy to carry, quick to set up anywhere and a fast warm up time allows work to be started quickly.
Although ultra portable and lightweight, the 1000 Series provides all the capabilities you would expect from a traditional full size calibrator. Full functionality and accuracy come as standard, with the 1000 Series offering the following comprehensive features.

Compact, Rugged & Lightweight
  • Ultra Compact Dimensions: H=180 : W=447 : D=297mm
  • IP67 Rated Portable Enclosure
  • Weight 9.2kg

Full Function

  • AC/DC Voltage to 1000V
  • AC/DC Current to 10A (500A with coil)
  • Resistance to 100 MOhms
  • Capacitance
  • Frequency
  • Thermocouple Simulation
  • PRT Simulation
  • Pressure Measurement (via Transducers)
  • Process Control Measurement (mV/mA)
  • Insulation Tester Calibration (Insulation resistance & Test voltage measurement)

All these functions together with the high drive capabilities for calibrating older analogue instruments make the 1000 Series the perfect choice for on-site calibration. This full function ultra portable configuration makes it ideal for all types of sites including oil rigs, ships, aviation, power & process plants and railways.

For a demo on YouTube, please click here.