Multiproduct calibrators of Transmille

1000 Series (Ultra Portable Calibrator)

The 1000 series has transformed the world of calibration - its innovative design utilises the latest in cutting edge digital and analogue electronics, combined with the latest manufacturing techniques to create the world's first ultra-portable full-function calibrator.
Transmille have applied their expertise in designing bench and transportable calibrators to create a new generation of multifunction calibrators that offer true portability at a price that ensures rapid return on investment.
For the first time, the 1000 Series allows you to easily take your calibration laboratory with you. A significant improvement in portability and warm-up time changes how and where calibration can be performed.
On site calibration is performed globally in hostile environments where large and fragile multiproduct calibrators made on site calibrations difficult to perform. The 1000 series is easy to carry at under 10kg (22lbs) and with a small footprint is ready to use anywhere. The 1000A is built into a ruggedised case rated IP67 for protection against ingress of water and dust ensuring a long working life in hostile environments. With a warm-up time of less than 20 minutes to 80ppm accuracy the 1000A is ready to test when you are.
Both portable and lightweight, the 1000 series provides all the capabilities you would expect from a traditional full sized calibrator. With outputs to 1000V and 10A without the need for external accessories, the 1000 series allows you to calibrate a wider workload faster than ever before.

Compact, Rugged & Lightweight
  • Ultra Compact Dimensions: H=180 : W=447 : D=297mm
  • IP67 Rated Portable Enclosure
  • Weight 9.2kg

Full Function

  • AC/DC Voltage to 1000V
  • AC/DC Current to 10A (500A with coil)
  • Resistance to 100 MOhms
  • Capacitance
  • Frequency
  • Thermocouple Simulation
  • PRT Simulation
  • Pressure Measurement (via Transducers)
  • Process Control Measurement (mV/mA)
  • Insulation Tester Calibration (Insulation resistance & Test voltage measurement)

3000 Series (Precision Multiproduct Calibrator)

The 3000A Series multiproduct calibrators have been designed to help you and your business, allowing a wide range of calibration work to be performed quickly, accurately and economically. Modern calibration is a competitive market, and cost effectively calibrated.
Consisting of 3 models ranging from 8ppm to 50ppm, the 3000A Series Multiproduct Calibrator provides a solution for your laboratory workload requirements.
The 3000 series offers the widest workload coverage of any multi-product calibrator, with the ability to calibrate 18 types of instrument. It has the power to drive older analogue instruments alongside the accuracy to calibrate modern digital instruments.
The 3000 series features three models designed to suit every budget and accuracy requirement, and with a wide range of options that allow your calibrator to be tailored to meet your needs, the 3000 series is expandable for future needs.
Automate calibration with Procal – the world’s easiest to use multi-discipline calibration software for maximum calibration throughput.
As with all Transmille products, compatibility with ProCal calibration software is guaranteed. Existing procedures will not need to be re-written, due to Transmille’s unique implementation of flexible standards support where procedures are written around the UUT, not the standard.

Key Features:

All features of the 3000 Plus...

* 0 - 1000V DC /AC Voltage
* 0 - 30A DC / AC Current
* 0 - 1 GOhm Resistance
* 1nF - 10mF Capacitance
* 1Hz - 10MHz Frequency
* Range of external accessories to increase workload

4000 Series (Advanced Multiproduct Calibrator)

The 4000 Series is aimed at laboratories, manufacturers and design facilities requiring a wide range of outputs with accuracies up to 8ppm.
The 4000 Series builds on the trusted reliability of the 3000A series, offering an updated user interface accessed through a large 7" capacitive touch screen to enable advanced functionality, including a built-in procedure mode and inbuilt connection prompts to minimise errors.
Procedures can be loaded into the 4000 Series via USB memory stick, with results stored for integration back into ProCal software. The 4000 Series also provides USB printer connectivity as standard, supporting a wide range of PCL compatible printers. Reports can be printed directly from the calibrator - ideal for in-situ or on-site applications.
Advanced Oscilloscope Calibration Functionality
Expanding the outputs offered by the 3000A series, the 4000 series provides an advanced oscilloscope calibration option with bandwidth calibration of up to 6 GHz with variable level. This expands the calibration workload to include spectrum analysers and high bandwidth oscilloscopes.
Software compatibility
The 4000 Series features an advanced command set including emulation modes for popular remote languages. This enables the 4000 Series to be used with Legacy metrology software that does not yet support Transmille equipment. As with all Transmille products, compatibility with ProCal calibration software is guaranteed.

Superior accuracy
Using modern precision components Transmille offer superior accuracy and value. Compared to competitive models the 4000 Series offers higher performance and wider ranges for lower cost.

Key Features

• Extended AC Voltage and Current Frequency range
• Variable resistance to 1 GOhm
• Variable capacitance to 100mF
• USB & GPIB (IEEE-488) Interfaces as standard
• Remote command emulation mode
• 7” Full Colour Touch Screen
• Embedded Calibration System

8700 Frequency Source/Measurement GPS Standard

The 8700 Frequency Source / Measure GPS Standard has been designed to be able to calibrate all functions of modern handheld and bench frequency counters and signal sources.
A high accuracy precision GPS reference frequency of up to 1 GHz is available, with outputs for A-B phase and variable levels for confirming trigger levels of modern counter-timer units
In addition, unlike other GPS references, the 8700 also adds the ability to measure frequencies of up to 1 GHz with high precision, removing the requirement for an additional instrument in your laboratory.
Utilising the latest in GPS reference technology, the 8700 combines both frequency source and measurement into a single integrated solution.
A large, full colour LED display provides the user with a dedicated source/measure readout, with direct access to detailed settings and satellite Lock/signal information.

  • Frequency source to 1Ghz with dedicated 10MHz direct GPS output
  • Measurement to 1GHz
  • Integrated GPS reference for the ultimate in accuracy
  • A-B Phase output for verification of phase measurement functions of     counter-timers
  • High Resolution, Colour 7
  • Integrated GPS Data Logging for Traceability
  • 9000A Series Transportable Multiproduct Calibrator

    The 9000 Series Transportable calibrator complements the 8000 Series range of multimeters, 3000 Series range of multi product calibrators, 3200 Series Electrical Test Equipment Calibrator and the 3000 Precision range of reference standards. This comprehensive range of Queen’s award winning instrumentation combined with the ProCal calibration software provides a complete solution for the modern calibration laboratory.
    The 9000 Series calibration system has been designed to help you & your business, allowing a wide range of calibration work to be performed quickly, accurately & economically. Modern calibration is a competitive market, and cost effective equipment and software are key considerations.
    Meeting the needs of today's quality systems including ISO9000 / ISO17025 requires calibration traceable to national standards of a  wide range of instrumentation. The 9000 Series calibration system provides the ideal platform to cover these requirements on site. Every Transmille calibrator and adapter is supplied with UKAS calibration traceable to National Standards, and are ready for use out of the box.
    Offering the widest workload coverage of any calibration system presently available, the 9000 series is a true class leading solution. The unique concept of external calibration adapters combined with built-in measurement capability dramatically extends the range of instruments that can be cost effectively calibrated.
    The 9000 Series is designed for use within industrial environments including off-shore, aerospace and military applications. The rugged enclosure with integrated castors and retractable handle lends itself to easy transportation to and from site. A fast warmup time ensures calibration can be performed quickly and accurately using the 9000 Series.

    • AC/DC VOLTAGE TO 1000V
      250/350/600MHz BANDWIDTH OPTIONS
    • Embedded Calibration System

    33XXA Series Precision Multiproduct Calibrator

    The 33XXA Series multiproduct calibrators are modular versions of the class leading 3000A Series Calibrators. Designed to reduce cost, the 33XXA Series feature 0 - 20V DC output as standard with a wide range of options including 

    • 20V - 1000V High Voltage Output
    • 0mA - 200mA Low Current Output
    • 200mA - 30A (3310A/3341A) High Current Output
    • AC Output (includes all previously specified options)
    • Resistance
    • Capacitance

    The configurability suits specialised applications where only limited functions are required, for example ATE systems or Dual Source resistance measurements systems as used by NMI's
    Consisting of 3 models ranging from 8ppm to 50ppm, the 33XXA Series Multiproduct Calibrators provide a specialised and confugrable solution to requirements for precision sources.





    DC Voltage
    Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

    0 - ±20V (0 - ±1000V Option)
    ± 50 ppm

    0 - ±20V (0 - ±1000V Option)
    ± 25 ppm

    0 - ±20V (0 - ±1000V Option)
    ± 8 ppm

    DC Current (Optional)
    Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

    0 - ±22A
    ± 100ppm

    0 - ±30A
    ± 50ppm

    0 - ±30A
    ± 50ppm

    AC Voltage (Optional)
    Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

    20mV - 1000V, 10Hz to 100kHz

    20mV - 1000V, 10Hz to 500kHz

    20mV - 1000V, 10Hz - 1MHz

    AC Current (Optional)
    Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

    20uA - 22A, 10Hz to 10kHz

    20uA - 30A, 10Hz to 10kHz

    20uA - 30A, 10Hz to 10kHz

    Resistance (Passive) (Optional)
    Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

    0 Ohms - 100 MOhms

    0 Ohms - 1 GOhms

    0 Ohms - 1GOhms

    Capacitance (Passive) (Optional)
    Best 1 Year Total Accuracy

    10nF - 1uF

    1nF - 10uF

    1nF - 10uF