Time - & Frequency Solutions of FEI-Zyfer

FEI-Zyfer Inc. designs, develops and manufactures precision time/frequency generation and synchronization products aided by Global Positioning Satellites (GPS). The products make use of both "in-the-clear" and "crypto-secured" military signals from GPS.
FEI-Zyfer products are integrated into commercial and military communications systems, computer networks, test equipment, and command/control terminals for terrestrial and celestial link applications.

CommSync II, Model 385 (Dual Redundant GPS Time & Frequency System)

The CommSync II Time/Frequency Generation and Synchronisation Systems imbed both Civil GPS and Military signal GPS Receiver technologies. This "hot-swappable", modular, function-rich system is supported by a host of plug-in modules for virtually every conceivable time and frequency output need. It is the basis of countless commercial applications. For authorized government/military users in the communications and command and control platform segments, FEI-Zyfer offers the latest military GPS receiver technology referred to as SAASM. The SAASM functionalities provide true security for the equipment as well as robust operational capabilities for the user. This new generation military GPS infrastructure is mandated by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to be fully implemented in the U.S. government/military infrastructure and that of our allies. Approximately 60 plug-in modules support the functionality and applications of this system.

GSync, Model 391 (GPS Time/Frequency System

The GSync is a compact 1U high, 19" rack-mountable, single-string GPS Time and Frequency System. The modular design allows for a multitude of frequency and time outputs for various commercial and military applications, in particularwhere space is at  a premium. The GPS module is available with both civil signal L1-C/A or with military L1/L2-P(y) signal SAASM receivers. This product uses many of the same plug-in modules used in the CommSync, but in this product, the modules are plugged in horizontally.

AccuSync-R, Model 377 (Compact Redundant GPS Time/Frequency System)

This self-contained, rack-mountable AccuSync-R Time/Frequency System provides highly accurate timing and frequency outputs signals, synchronized to UTC. It is optimized for synchronizing wireless base stations. Its operation is automatic and self-calibrating, and comes equipped with Windows®-based diagnostic software. Control and performance monitoring are provided via a RS-232 interface.

AccuSync, Model 373 (Low Phase Noise GPS Time/Frequency System)

AccuSync is a rack-mountable unit; a single-string version of teh AccuSync-R, however optimized for low phase noise performances for telecom applications such as PCS base station synchronization. An automated program simplifies operation of the unit and it is self-calibrating. AN RS-232 I/O interface is used to conveniently control and monitor its performance.

GPStarplus, Model 565 (GPS Time/Frequency System)

GPStarplus offers a new level of price-performance in off-the-shelf Time/Frequency Systems. Full-featured, but compact (1.75"" high mountable in a standard 19" rack), the GPStarplus provides accurate synchronization to UTC, including IRIG-formatted outputs. Operation interface and control are provided by R@-232 or front-panel keypad.

NanoSync II, Model 380 (OEM GPS Time/Frequency Engine)

NanoSync II is a small, low-power time and frequency engine designed for integration into OEM-design base stations and other related applications such as E911/E112 cell phone emergency-call and Location-based Services. It is a plug-and-play unit that boasts minimal integration hassles and offers highly accurate synchronization to UTC. It is available with four standard oscillator options as well as in custom configurations. NanoSync II is also well suited for test equipment and instruments, specialized network sync requirements, satellite ground station equipment, and public-services and utilities.

VME-RTFU (VME Rubidium Time and Frequency Unit)

The VME-RTFU is a Have Quick disciplined rubidium time and frequency module for the VME system platform. Contrary to all other products described so far, this module does not contain an imbedded GPS receiver. Instead, it disciplines itself to an incoming precision signal such as a standard 1 PPS and a military-formatted clock input referred to as Have Quick. In response , it provides a host of synchronized time and frequency outputs, including: 5 and 10 MHz sine, 1 and 10 PPS, 1 PPM, HQII, BCD, IRIG-B and DCLS. It is ideal for commercial and military systems that are already equipped with a GPS or a primary standard host module distributing precision time and frequency to the next-level system elements. To protect the network against losses or disturbances of the output signal, a robust hold-over capability is provided via an internal rubidium oscillator.

NTPSync XLS (GPS-Referenced Network Time Protocol Server)

The NTPSync XLS provides trusted time in a network for traceable time, call billing and data logging, audit trails, and improvements in network intrusion methods and measures. The NTPSync XLS offers excellent GPS-referenced time accuracy and network functionality and is easy to operate. Setup of any computer on the network is simple through the network time protocol (NTP) infrastructure. It is the best choice for LAN, WAN, and MAN networks, and for critical applications like the FAA's Traffic Network and other high-value computer network infrastructures.