Data acquisition software of Stiegele GmbH 

MicroEdition - software for measurement and test stands.

MicroEdition is the name of our software and it consists of several useable standard programs for easy-to-use acquiring, analysing measured data and for controlling experimental setups, working with MS Windows®

MicroEdition has the following programs:


Setting of tasks

MLab Measuring and controlling

Universal software for data acquisition and controlling, which acquires, calculates, shows and reports measured data.

MGraph Analysing and presenting

Graphical analysing program for technical data, which can easily and effectively analyse data, even for GBytes of data sets

MWave Desired value design

Graphic editor for providing one- and more-axial test programs for showing the desired value.

TestControl Controlling test banks

Highly flexible test stand-, measuring and visualization program with process orientated programming language.

MLab - The data acquisition- and controlling program

MLab is a universal data acquisition and control program. It gives the possibility to - simultaneously - collect measuring data from different data sources (analogue, digital, CAN, Ethernet…). The data are acquired, computed, visualized and stored in real time. A multiplicity of action modules makes it possible to arrange a measuring task both individual and flexible.

The strength of the program is its simple operation. This is made possible by a graphic tree structure, which contains all necessary parameters for the measuring and controlling tasks, like channel configuration, action modules, formulas and diagram objects.

On-line computations are made by a comfortable formula interpreter. For more complex tasks action modules are available; e.g. limit value monitoring, on-line Rainflow and desired value correction. On action lists additionally individual algorithms can be implemented. Optionally the possibility exists of presenting the load progress produced by MWave.

MGraph - Standard-Software for evaluating the acquired data

The large strength of MGraph is the ability of computing and presenting the data in a fast and intuitive evaluation of large data sets - that means over simply accessible mechanisms. Different data formats (measuring data, video, pictures…) can be read in and evaluated.

Even with large volume of data one keeps the overview over the central data administration with QuickLook diagram. Different diagrams, interactive zooming, tables, formula generator etc. all makes possible a comfortable evaluation. As option available frequency analyse and classifying procedure are completely merged in the program.

Besides the fast printer output a graphic presentation designer is available for the writing a report. The designed layouts can be stored as templates and so making possible a standardized presentation of the results .

MWave - Graphical Designer for the desired values

MWave is a graphic editor for providing load progress for one- and more-axial test stands.

A signal progress can consist both of simple signal modules (sine, triangle etc.) and of complex modules such as classifying matrixes, amplitude and frequency sweeps, stage attempts and measuring data files. The progress can be affected over loops, logical decisions and limit values.

TestControl - Controlling test stands

Test control is a universal tool for providing test stand control- and visualization programs.

By its process orientated programming language complex data progress can be provided within a short time. These data progress can take place both sequential and parallel. All tasks can be realized in real time. For example measuring of a channel, calculation of a new quantity from it and following expenditure to the test stand. The number of processes is limited only by the hardware. This applies also to the measuring equipment.

Optionally modules are available to the desired value correction, classifying and FFT. The desired value production is made by inserted functions or a MWave test sequence.