Standards & Decades of IET Labs

1482 Standard Inductor
The 1482 is an accurate, highly stable standard of self inductance for use as a low-frequency reference or working standard in the laboratory

1491 Decade Inductor
The 1491 Decade Inductor is an assembly of several Decade-Inductor units in a single metal cabinet.

1404 Standard Capacitor
These capacitors have been designed as primary reference standards of capacitance with which working standards can be compared.

1409 Standard Capacitor
The 1409 Standard Capacitors are fixed mica capacitors of very high stability for use as two- or three-terminal reference or working standards in the laboratory.

1412-BC Decade Capacitor
The wide capacitance range and high resolution of this decade capacitance box make it exceptionally useful in both laboratory and test shop.

1413 Precision Decade Capacitor
The 1413 is a wide range, high precision decade capacitor servicing a variety of application in instrument and systems calibration.

1417 Four Terminal Capacitance Standard
The 1417 Four Terminal Capacitance Standard consists of a 1F standard capacitor and two precise inductive voltage dividers used to scale the value of the 1F capacitator up to 1F in decade steps. This arrangement provides accuracy and stability unattainable with very high-value true capacitors.

1422 Precision Capacitor
The 1422 is a stable and precise variable air capacitor intended for use as a continuously adjustable standard of capacitance.

1433 Decade Resistor
With many models to choose from, they are convenient resistance standards for checking the accuracy of resistance measuring devices and are used as components in a variety of engineering design applications.