Shaker systems

Electro dynamic shaker systems

Data Physics’ range of shakers are in use all over the world. Some have even been taken into space for special experiments under zero gravity conditions. Applications have included medical research, electronic component testing, materials analysis, automotive component testing, tyre balancing and actuator applications for antenna positioning using low axial stiffness special suspension units. Some systems may also be supplied in monobase structures for combined and horizontal testing.
Data Physics’ range of air-cooled shakers have found application testing in Formula 1 racing cars, mobile telephones, health & safety type approvals, materials analysis, avionics systems and electronic sub-systems testing. These shakers provide high lateral and torsional stiffness to provide maximum stability and support. Thus producing high performance and low distortion levels.
Data Physics’ range of water cooled shakers are used for many different applications, such as testing automotive sub-assemblies, military and defense components, large electronic components, and even fully assembled satellites. By utilizing the dual hydrostatic bearings that are incorporated in the shaker design, payloads with high overturning moments can be tested without the need for external guidance systems. The water cooled shakers may also be supplied with horizontal slip table systems for 3 axis testing.

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Hydraulic shakers systems

Replication of real world environments demands the use of systems that realistically reproduce actual field conditions. Multi-axis vibration environments require multiaxis systems to replicate them.
Historically, the lack of effective multi-axis hardware and control software has limited the availability and capability of multi-axis test systems. By applying lessons learned in other vibration test environments and using time proven technologies in innovative ways, Team Corporation has created a suite of multi-axis test systems that accommodate a range of test articles with different physical and test environment needs for use in automotive product testing.

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Special vibrating machines

KNAUER ENGINEERING is a German company working in the field of engineering and development of special machines with its own production facilities. Its wide range of products offers custom-made planning to all kinds of users in the field of vibration.  They develop and produce high-grade manufacturing systems as well as durable and reliable machinery: e.g. external vibrators and vibrating tables, testing systems (quality assurance, reliability testing) concrete block making machines and concrete block moulds.

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