Besides selling professional test and measurement equipment ABtronix is also engaged in providing the most and best possible services, demonstrations and consultancy, not only to the prospects and new customers, but also to our existing customers. Buying precious and expensive test and measurement devices, which have to withstand years of outstanding performance, is not just simple ordering a product: it goes far beyond that. We commit ourselves in providing these services.

On a regular base ABtronix organises vibration training courses, where the fundamentals of vibration testing are being explained. We are always happy and proud, that Mr. Ad Bastiaanssen is willing to host these courses for his excellent knowledge in vibration techniques. If there is enough interest, an advanced course will be held as well, where theory and practical solutions come together.

These courses can be held both on-site and here in Breda. Here you can find the content of the course "Introduction to Vibration" and the course "Fixtures, Software and Specifications for Vibration".

Demonstrations and seminars
Demonstrations and seminars are being organised on a regular base for very different reasons: introducing new products, explanation of the possibilities of certain products, how to manage problems when they occur, working and communicating with software,
These demonstrations and seminars can be held at our office, in a hotel or at your site. We are pride and happy, that we sometimes may organise seminars on the premises of one of our customers, although they are open for other interested people.


Maintenance and repair
Vibrating machines are above all mechanical machines and therefore they need maintenance once in a while: some shakers need it every few months andsome every few year; all depending on the usage.
ABtronix is able to do the repair or maintenance on shakers of all brands at your site. The necessary spare parts are deliverable very quickly.
If interested we can make you a quotation for a single repair or maintenance, but we can offer you also a maintenance contract for several years with interesting benefits.

As supplier of professional test - and measurement equipment ABtronix can take care of your calibration issues. Both calibration against the ISO standards and calibration with traceable certificates, with or without measured values.  Even the older Gould and Nicolet equipment we have sold before, can still be calibrated.

Building in test and measurement equipment
ABtronix can provide client-specific, easy-to-use data acquisition systems for field applications (hard- and software) and rugged solutions for data monitoring (mobile or fixed solutions).
We can also assist with on-site sensor and system installation.
Companies executing field measurements often develop their own equipment while available products on the market do not meet their specific hardware and software requirements. Although these systems need to be qualified for harsh environments and constant travel around the world, the reliability and functionality of these systems often depends on the capabilities and limitations of the system designer.

Due to many years for experience we are able to advise you which products you need to use or to buy, not only to do usual tests, but also the special tests or measurements. We will be happy to advise you in the best possible way.