Data Physics DP900

The DP900 The 900 Series Dynamic Signal Analyzer integrates comprehensive signal analysis capabilities with a new distributed real-time signal processing engine. This system provides extraordinary dynamic testing performance for structural, vibration, acoustic, and acquisition applications. An intuitive user interface integrates test and data management, data acquisition, real-time analysis, post processing and reporting into a single, easy to use environment. The DP900 is designed for quick and easy setup, comprehensive analysis and flexible reporting. Testing is more efficient with the SignalCalc 900 Series test suite. SignalCalc now includes user customized signal processing, user programmable signal generator, and the ability to run multiple tests at the same time.

Abacus 901
The 901 is an ultra portable system with six input channels that is wellsuited for field use.
Multiple systems can be combined for larger tests.
• Six Input/Output channels
• Passive cooling eliminates fan noise for acoustic applications
• Power over Ethernet

Abacus 906

The 906 is a compact, rugged, system that can be used for both laboratory and field applications.
Multiple 901 and 906 systems can be combined to create larger systems.
• Up to 36 Input/Output per chassis
• Quiet mode for acoustic applications
• Flexible Input/Output configuration

Data Physics Quattro
Portable and rugged, the SignalCalc Ace is powered by the Quattro hardware platform. Quattro provides USB 2.0 connectivity to a host PC or laptop and is completely bus powered. With realtime analysis capability from DC to 93 kHz (204.8 kHz optional sample rate), the Quattro provides 32 bit floating-point DSPs. All inputs are coupled to dedicated 24 bit sigma-delta ADCs while both outputs have 24 bit DACs. Integral anti-aliasing filters protect the inputs and outputs. This horsepower provides over 120 dB dynamic range with up to 94 kHz real-time rate.

Measurement Computing WebDAQ504

The WebDAQ 504 is a stand-alone, vibration and acoustic data logger designed for remote monitoring, analysis, and control.
Log four simultaneous IEPE inputs
Built-in web server allows access from any device with a web browser
WiFi support for wireless operation
View data in real time or post acquisition
Virtually unlimited storage
Easy, flexible task scheduling
Real-time FFTs for continuous monitoring and analysis
Four isolated digital I/O for triggers and alarms
Alarming and notifications with email and SMS messaging
Ability to export .csv data for Excel® and MATLAB®