ProCal Track, laboratory management software

ProCal-Track provides tools for the management of instruments from goods inwards through to despatch and all points in between. 
ProCal-Track can be used independently of ProCal, or can be integrated for full laboratory automation.
Ease of use is a key priority for Transmille, and as such ProCal-Track has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. By performing many tasks automatically, ProCal-Track is able to provide powerful features without the need for training. Features such as Job priority tracking are performed automatically, as soon as an instrument is booked into the system.
Using instrument history, ProCal-Track is able to identify historic instruments immediately.
Powerful barcode integration comes as standard with ProCal-Track, both for data entry with barcode scanner support and by generating labels that include barcodes for later use. Never write calibration labels by hand again with automated label printing.
Easy To Use
ProCal-Track provides powerful features without the need for training thanks to its user-friendly design and automation of many calibration tasks.
Powerful Barcode Scanner
Powerful barcode integration comes as standard with ProCal-Track, both for data entry with barcode scanner support and by generating labels that include barcodes for later use. Never write calibration labels by hand again with automated label printing.
ProCal-Track enables the management of Instruments and Assets that enter your laboratory, from receipt of the instrument through to generating despatch paperwork and instrument recalibration reminders.
ProCal-Track allows the operator to register all accessories that arrived with the instrument during the book in process and prevents instruments being despatched without the accessories to ensure correct handling of customers equipment.
The Virtual Job Sheet in ProCal-Track contains full information about the instruments current and previous jobs, with all information stored securely and available at the click of a button. Each action that is performed is recorded for full traceability, with an engineers log available for any repairs or adjustments that have taken place.
Utilising Crystal Reports, ProCal-Track enables the generation of fault reports, engineers reports, subcontract despatch notes and more. Either use the included templates or customise to match your branding using the industry standard Crystal Report format.

Never lose an important document again with ProCal-Track’s “Link PDF” function. During the book in process orders and customer notes can be scanned and securely stored with the Order for future reference as well as adhering to maintenance of records as required under ISO 9000, ISO 17025 and other quality systems. Scanned documents are viewable at any stage of the calibration process. Utilise support for Label Printers, Barcode Readers and the virtual job sheet to minimise physical paperwork throughout your organisation. With all current and historical information available for an instrument at the click of a button it has never been easier to simplify work-flow.
ProCal-Track can be used to manage calibration history for not only your customers instruments but also the internal standards and references used by your own laboratory.
External certificates can be scanned in and linked to the instrument for future reference and safe keeping, with reports that list internal instrument inventory available for use as part of your housekeeping procedures
In addition, ProCal-Track provides immediate links to associated documents for instruments such as drift charts and datasheets.
For a 60 day trial of Transmille's ProCal-Track version 6 software please contact us!

• Create standard and custom reports
• ProCal-Track can manage history, repairs and subcontracted work
• Create standard and custom reports
• Label Printing, multi Language, automated Input using barcode scanner, Using    formulas and ‘dual units’, controlling instruments, company logos are just a few of the    features it proudly provides
• Software support
• Virtual on-screen job sheet with full history
• Record repairs, parts used & service details
• Recall letter printing function
• Goods Inwards / Dispatch paperwork
• Instrument identification picture display
• Prints reports, quotes & service logs
• Automatic status tracks instrument, incorporating external sub- contracting
• Provides access to all information, instrument history, user, old job details,   instrument status etc. The software can produce many different types of reports,   calibration due / overdue letters, print job sheets, book in &   dispatch items

ProSales provides the ability to manage a system wide price list for services and parts, a contacts management system as well as the ability to generate quotes and invoices for calibration work and product sales.
A system wide price list is linked to calibration procedures, meaning a standardised pricing structure across calibration work can be achieved with customer discounts applied to invoiced work. This simplifies generating quotations and invoices as a centralised pricing structure is maintained. When processing an invoice the customers discount level is applied automatically removing the risk of incorrect invoices.
ProSales maintains customers quotation and order history in an easy to manage structure with a powerful search function allowing historical data to be viewed at any time.
Quoting is made simple as price lists are linked to instrument model numbers, simply search for the customers model number and the appropriate price is displayed ready for including in an attachment. As new instruments are calibrated the database is updated automatically minimising maintenance tasks.
Reports can be generated for customers, providing important business intelligence such as year on year calibration work, quotation history and more.
ProSales also offers the ability to export invoice data to supported accounts packages, further reducing duplication of data entry.

When performing on site calibration your engineers have many jobs to perform, and making sure that a stable internet connection should not be one of them.
With ProSite, you can check out only the data for the required customers and ProSite will ensure that your site laptop has historical calibration records, calibration procedures and any other required information to your site laptop. Use ProCal and ProCal track as normal during your site visit and import the updated data on return. Certificates and labels can be generated on site and left with the customer as all data is re-integrated on return.
ProSite makes the export and import of site data a simple task and allows more work to be performed faster. As ProCal is used on the site laptop there is no learning curve, and only the data for selected customers is exported to minimise data theft risks.

ProWeb provides your customers and users with a modern web portal to view instruments and download calibration certificates. PDF copies of certificates are automatically generated and uploaded to your web portal for registered users to download at their leisure.
Uploaded data is viewable on any device with a web browser, any time, any where. Using modern web technologies the ProWeb portal scales to fit your users device dynamically to make the best use of available screen.
Your customers data is kept secure with registered users only able to access instruments registered to their account, removing the requirement for multiple portals.
Only customers that have been registered for online access will have their data uploaded to protect customers that have strict data requirements.