ProCal - calibration software 

Transmilles ProCal software provides a cost effective and easy to use solution for automating calibration, from a single workstation through to a network multi discipline network.
ProCal comes pre loaded with drivers for many common instruments, including all of Transmilles equipment, Fluke multiproduct calibrators and multimeters, Agilent multimeters, even older Datron equipment.
An industry first approach, ProCal simplifies the task of calibration by providing a graphical interface with clear indication of test status using a 'Traffic light' system, where Green indicates pass, Red indicates a fail and orange indicates a probable fail or probable pass condition.
For ease of use, ProCal comes installed with automated connection prompts, which are displayed in procedures to show common connections. These can be customised by the end user to show exact test setups using the equipment that you have to minimise training requirements when new employees join your laboratory.
Transmille’s ProCal Software suite is a flexible solution that scales from single users to multi site calibration laboratories, all while remaining easy to use. Powered by an Enterprise grade Microsoft SQL database, ProCal Version 6 offers lightning fast access to data.
The ProCal Calibration suite provides you all of the tools you need to perform automated calibrations and organise work-flow throughout your laboratory from quotation through to recalibration reminders.
The ProCal Calibration suite was designed with compliance to ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 in mind, with integrated dynamic uncertainty calculations enabling automated uncertainties to be calculated at run time depending upon the reference instrument used.

The unique way that ProCal communicates with reference instruments allows multiple reference standards to be used with the same procedure, removing the requirement to have multiple versions of the same procedure depending upon the equipment available. As you update and replace your laboratory equipment the procedures dynamically update.
ProCal supports all Transmille equipment as well as popular instruments from other manufacturers such as the Fluke 5520A and Keysight 3458A without the need to write instrument commands test by tests
ProCal also supports sending commands to additional references or UUT’s via RS232, USB and GPIB on a per test basis for flexibility.
A full list of directly supported references is available at

The new ProCal version 6 offers both beginners, and experienced meteorologists fast and easy to use laboratory software. With its newly designed SQL database, ProCal version 6 offers improvements to network based solutions, allowing you to expand your business with ease when adding additional stations to your network. With both server and local operational configurations and supporting the latest windows editions ProCal can offer a fast, easy to use calibration software.
Quality standards such as ISO 17025 require measurement uncertainties to be calculated for each test point, as well as for the uncertainty calculation to be verified during an audit. ProCal provides dynamic uncertainty calculations and allows the full calculation to be viewed during run time during an audit. Uncertainty templates can be created, maintained and modified in a familiar interface while meeting the requirments set out in M3003.
ProCal comes pre loaded with drivers for many common instruments, including all of Transmilles equipment, this allows for the creation of fully automated procedures to be created improving efficiency and reducing errors during calibration.

For a 60 day trial of Transmille's ProCal version 6 software please contact us!

Key Features:
• Assists with compliance to Quality Standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 17025
• Create and edit test procedures quickly and easily with a powerful Procedure Wizard
• Multi discipline support for Electrical, Dimensional, Temperature and more
• Track Customer and Internal asset calibration history with ProCal-Track
• Generate automated recalibration reminders via E-mail and Letter
• Powerful reporting tools utilising Crystal Reports
• Viewable Dynamic Uncertainty calculation to M3003 with customisable templates
• Generate quotations and invoices using ProSales
• Enterprise grade database engine

ProEdit (included with ProCal) provides operators with an easy to use interface which de-skills the process of writing a procedure while ensuring that reference instruments are controlled correctly and safety prompts displayed automatically when high voltage and current output/input is required.

ProEdit offers the ability to store the instrument data-sheet with the procedure for quality purposes and for later reference, as well as automatically generate technical help files for technicians to store useful information such as calibration access passwords or service instructions that can be displayed during calibration.

Text and Picture prompts can be configured for each test to guide technicians through the calibration process, with optional automatic connection prompts.