ProCal, multi discipline calibration software 

ProCal is a suite of programs designed to provide the tools to calibrate all types of instrumentation and equipment, with virtually no limitations on the types of measurements recorded. It provides the facilities to configure the basic system, to create and manage test procedures and also perform measurements or allow entry of measurements made independently which are stored within an organised database for producing printed or electronic certificates (i.e. viewable on screen).

The suite of programs consists of the following:

ProSet provides the facility to configure the system, including the certificate numbering, setting the reference instruments to be used by the system, laboratory Information, user, program and database paths for use on a network etc. ProSet also provides the ability to customise user preferences, profiles can be set up for the system ,assign users login names and passwords, as well as individual user access permissions.

ProEdit is the procedure management program and allows the creation of a list of tests to be performed for a specific instrument. The procedures can also contain specific instructions on how to test an instrument by using picture, text or video prompts. A procedure can provide information for remote control of instruments using either GPIB (General Purpose Instrument Bus) or RS232. There are complete tools for editing, copying and deleting the procedures; there is also a powerful, yet easy to use Procedure Builder Wizard for the automated writing of procedures for a range of different equipment.

ProCal is the program which ties together all aspects of the system, allowing the user to select a procedure and perform measurements with automated control of equipment where configured. This program is designed to guide the user through the series of tests, and incorporates the facilities to display help and prompts throughout the test sequence. ProCal can also be configured to produce printed certificates and calibration / test labels at the end of a test procedure.

Provides the facility to print out certificates, which have been recorded and stored using ProCal. These certificates are easily searchable for by their certificate number, customer name and more.

Cristal Reports  (optional)
The Crystal Reports software is used to edit the templates for reports and certificates. This software is not needed to use the templates provided within the ProCal software.
Single station setups to fully networked configurations
From simple data entry through to fully automated calibration. Create procedures from scratch in minutes using the built in Procedure Wizard.

ProCal can be used either manually with results entered using the keyboard and/or connected via the RS232 / GPIB bus to directly control many types of calibrators and measuring instruments. ProCal uses Microsoft Access™ database files which also allows user based integration of other software if required (reporting/queries).
Full use of pull down menus, data entry forms and graphical displays of data simplify operation, with a 'fill in the boxes' approach to data entry (no programming experience required!).

For larger laboratories a network version of the software is available. ProCal software automates the calibration for many types of instruments, and produces printed calibration certificates.

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