Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to:
ABtronix B.V. with registered business address at:
Hazeldonk 6033
4836 LA  Breda
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)76 596 8800
Email: - -

We value and respect your privacy, and as such minimise the amount of information that we hold to only essential data for provision
of services and re-contact for existing customers. Our privacy policy (below) has been written with clear wording to explain how the data we collect is used and provide methods for the amendment or removal of your information on request.

ABtronix B.V. collect information for the following purposes:
* Processing and delivering orders
* Onwards support of products and services to end customers
* Research and Development of products and services
* Contacting customers for promotion of new products and services
* Newsletters
* Courses
* Webinars

Information Collected by Us
ABtronix B.V. minimise the amount of data collected to essential data for conducting business, this data includes
* Contact information for Key or Authorised Personnel (including First & Last Name, Email and where required Phone Number and    Position)
* Mailing and Invoicing Address
* Contact and Marketing preferences

Who has access to the information we collect?
* ABtronix B.V. and direct employees

We can provide the following information on request by the contact/company only
* Contact information
* Order History
* Marketing Preferences

If you believe that we have incorrect information, would like to dispute any information or alter your marketing preferences or contact preferences please contact us use the following link.

Please note that in the case of historical documents such as certificates we must hold these records for the purposes of our accreditation.

If you are subscribed to our mailing list these preferences can be altered at any time using the PREFERENCES link at the bottom of every email, or by removing your subscription via the UNSUBSCIBE linke at the bottom of every email. Please note that to deliver some of our services (such as software- and calibration support) require the use of these services to deliver all elements of our services. Opting out of these services will limit the resources that we can provide in these cases.

Privacy Policy Updated May 31 - 2018