Power supplies

Low and mid range laboratory DC Power Supplies of TTi (<1200 Watt)

TTi is one of the world’s major producers of laboratory power supplies (PSUs). TTi has been a major technology innovator in PSUs since 1979 and now offers products ranging from 15 watts up to 1200 watts. Hundreds of thousands of TTi power supplies are in everyday use around the world. TTi laboratory power supplies use both linear and switch-mode technologies in order to optimise performance and value for money.

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Mid and high range laboratory DC Power Supplies of ETPS (up to 12kW).

ETPS is a one of the largest manufacturers of high range DC and AC power sources, AC and DC electronic loads, battery chargers, DC/DC Converters and DC/AC Inverters, from 800 W up to 12 kW.

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