PinPoint Alpha and Sigma

Diagnosys expands its product range and redefines circuit card diagnostics with the launch of PinPoint Alpha, the lowest cost, most versatile test system on the market. 

Diagnosys Systems, leading providers of test, repair and support for electronic circuit boards, is launching the new PinPoint Alpha, an affordable, reliable test system, designed to offer best in class fault detection.
PinPoint Alpha is part of the PinPoint range of powerful diagnostic test systems that allow you to prove your circuits are working or diagnose the exact cause of a failure when they don’t. Rapid fault detection and identification is a key element of the PinPoint Alpha, allowing you to accurately isolate faults to component level. This exceptional level of fault finding reduces re-work on circuit boards saving you time and importantly improving the reliability of the repaired boards.

With the inherent flexibility of the PinPoint Alpha and Sigma, you can apply multiple test techniques to ensure maximum test coverage and accurate fault identification in a circuit. These test techniques include; in-circuit functional test, edge card functional test, boundary scan, passive and active analog testing, mixed-signal functional test, vectorless test, analog signatures and parametric testing. All of these individual tests can be combined into a single test flow to deliver outstanding fault detection and identification.

Roland Andrews, group marketing director for Diagnosys explains why PinPoint Alpha is set to enhance circuit card testing:
“The design of the PinPoint Alpha and Sigma systems benefit from our 40 years’ test experience, together with listening to our customer’s ever-changing requirements. As an extension to our existing fault-finding range of products, PinPoint Alpha provides a very affordable entry level to our extensive product portfolio. The versatility and modular features of PinPoint Alpha and Sigma make sense – they provide in-depth test and fault identification which save time and money while helping to extend the life of your existing electronic systems”.

Used in many industry sectors across the world including energy, telecoms, industrial, avionics, ground services, marine and semiconductor fabrication, the PinPoint range provides the scalable capability and performance you need to address latest and legacy technology, while providing the most cost effective solutions to save you time and money. For more information, please click on the Mail button below.