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March 22 - 2017

ABtronix B.V. is organizing a free Seminar Calibration and Hard& Software which will be presented by;

                                    Mr. Jonathan Bailey Transmille (UK)

Mr. J. Bailey has many years of experience in CALIBRATION. Transmille worked year to year to provide unique equipment and software for not only their own laboratory but to benefit calibration laboratories and manufacturers across the globe.This seminar provides the latest information, knowledge and skills for identifying the elements of an effective calibration system; understanding the requirements for those supplying calibration services; preparing for compliance and improving and utilizing measurement data focusing on continuous improvement and cost reduction. If you (or your colleagues) are interested to attend this unique seminar please register before March 15, 2017 to If you are not able to attend, but interested in a demonstration at your site, feel free to ask.

October 2016

ABtronix has become sales representative of Bustec.

Bustec is a leading supplier of high-performance data acquisition and test products. Bustec products are based on computer-independent and open platform standards to ensure long-term use and preserve capital investment. All Bustec products are ISO 9001 certified. Proven over time, Bustec products and solutions lead the test and measurement industry in accuracy, throughput, and density. Bustec products offer up to 10x higher accuracy than new products from competitors. With high throughput capabilities of up to 100 MB/s, Bustec products work well in large-scale applications or applications that will benefit from future scalability as a customer's needs grow over time. In addition, Bustec products offer high-density solutions with thousands of channels in minimal space.
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September 2016

Aim-TTi comes with 1908, a Dual Measurement 5.5 digit DMM

Following on from the 1705 Dual display DMM and also replacing our previous 1906 5.5Dogit DMM. The 1908 combines the 5.5 Digit performance with the Dual Measurement and battery operation of the 1705. We now include a USB interface as standard that can be used in the battery mode. The P version adds RS232, Lan/LXi and GPIB interfaces for system users.
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August 2016

Monarch introduces the new Nova-Pro Stroboscopes/Tachometers

The Nova-Pro is a series of powerful portable visual inspection and speed measurement tools. We have combined all the features of our hand held LED stroboscopes together with a full function laser tachometer to create a compact, ergonomic end extremely powerful two-in-one predictive maintenance tool. The stroboscope light source is made up of twelve LED's which are extraordinary bright yet extremely efficient allowing cool continuous operation and extremely long battery (up to 19 hours on a single charge). Continuous operation is also possible with the optional AC adapter.
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July 2016

Kvaser releases marine version of its popular Leaf Light CAN interface

Kvaser is pleased to announce a marine version of its highly popular Leaf Light HS v2 interface. With a USB 2.0 connector at one end and a 5-pin National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) approved CAN connector at the other, the Kvaser Leaf Light HS v2 M12 (00881-6) provides a simple way to connect a PC to the on-board computer of a marine electronics system.
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June 2016

DJB launch new modular low/high pass filter

DJB Instruments UK Ltd has announced the addition of a new modular switchable Low/High Pass Filter to its growing product range. Available as a single channel DC powered unit or up to 9 channels in a AC/DC powered chassis the LHP Filter replaces a number of DJBs outgoing modular products. Utilising simple BNC input and output connectors on the front panel, with user selectable AC/DC coupling and IEPE signal source (4mA/20VDC) the LHP offers a number of extra features previously not available.
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May 2016

ABtronix has become sales representative of Intepro Systems.

ABtronix has become the Benelux sales representative of Intepro Systems, a supplier of turn-key systems for characterization, functional and accelerated power test for power supplies, batteries for EV and HEV, medical power supplies for MRI, aerospace components, motor drive test, semiconductor power devices, renewable energy inverters, bi-directional EV charges and others.

April 2016

New PCIEcan card has 4 CAN slots

The Kvaser PCIEcan 4xHS (00683-6) is a CAN card that adds four high speed CAN channels to any standard computer board with PCI Express capability. With silent mode, error frame detection/ generation and an on-board buffer, this is ideal for embedded data acquisition and is CAN FD compliant.

March 2016 New from Aim-TTi: the MX180T(P) Power Supplies

The MX180T and MX180TP represents a new generation of multiple output laboratory power supplies from Aim-TTi. Offering high power within a compact format they use ranged switched mixed-mode regulation with display and control via a large backlit graphic LCD with soft keys. All outputs of an MX Series power supply have fully variable voltage and current setting and are able to operate in both constant voltage and constant current modes.

February 2016

Data Translation: new product DT7816

The DT7816 is a high performance, System on Module (SOM) for data acquisition, featuring an embedded Cortex-A8 1 GHz ARM processor. For use in embedded data acquisition and control applications, this real-time module is an open-source Linux platform with extensive examples using TIs SDK Essentials package.
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