Mesco View software of Wayne Kerr

Mesco View for WINDOWS is designed to allow the user to enter test parameters for a complete component test (several test steps). The program allows the user to generate test programs and to run a complete test procedure (several tests) with limit test and store to a data file. The data can be easily imported into EXCEL. The user interface is straight forward and intuitive, allowing all functions of the Wayne Kerr LCR Analyzers to be selected. Text instructions can be added to inform the user of special instructions for the device under test (DUT). MESCO View for Windows uses the GPIB/IEEE 488 IEEE interface to connect to the Wayne Kerr analyzers 6430, 6440, 3255 and 3260 (3265). The software supports all SET measuring switchers with 15 to 30 Test points. Making the test of transformers and inductors quick and easy. The SET AUTOINDUKT IV (test matrix for transformers and inductors using the Wayne Kerr analyzer, Hi Pot and turntable adaptation) is also controled with the MESCO View program.

Professional option:

Graphs of the DUT versus frequency, driver level and DC Bias current can be displayed.After applying the parameter data and commencing the measurement, the results will be displayed graphically. Five graphic lines can be shown. The test specifications can change between the graphic lines.

For example: The graph can show two lines with difference driver level (50mV and 100mV). Simple comparative tests of five components are practicable. The graphic results can stored and reloaded. This can be very useful for long-term and stress studies of a component (DUT). The graph can be stored in a BITMAP file and is easy to insert into a WINWORD document file. The component analysis and the processing of the measure results are easy and fast. EXCEL files can read the results of the graph and printout the graph. The program supports all zoom functions.