Data Collection Terminal LANpoint 7 of Intelligent Instrumentation

AutoID Terminal - Compact Size, Wide Temperature Range & Affordable Data Collection

The Vehicle-Mount LANpoint 7 is a purpose-built computer for use in applications with forklifts and other material handling vehicles. It is open-architectured for true value and now is available with either Windows CE.NET version 4.2 or Windows CE version 5.0 Operating System. It was designed specifically for industrial applications – it is NOT simply consumer PC components in a pretty package. It has many standard industrial features, like long-life embedded components, the waterproof industrial case with spraydown protection from all angles, extended temperature range (-20° C to 55° C; -4° F to 131° F) without heater or other power-hungry add-ons, and a full selection of adjustable mounting accessories. It has no moving parts that are subject to early failure and continued maintenance. The 64K color ˝ VGA display has a bright backlight and wide-viewing angle, suitable for both dark and bright surroundings. The full keyboard is integrated and sealed for space savings, easy installation, and high reliability.

Key Benefits

  • Windows CE.NET version 4.2 or Windows CE version 5.0 Operating System allows popular embedded Visual C++, Visual Basic.NET and C#.NET programming
  • Open architecture allows use of standard 3rd party peripherals - giving unparalleled flexibility and making this terminal “future-proof”
  • Several GUI and legacy text-based terminal emulation environments are supported via pre-loaded thin client software
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 for Windows CE is included; lock-down browser for full control of Web-based applications is available
  • 64K color 1/2 VGA LCD display with bright 350-nit back light, with or without optional touch screen
  • Wireless Ethernet IEEE802.11b/g WiFi connectivity