van DiagnoSYS

The best ATE System has just become better

An unmatched pedigree
The S790VXI Series2 represents the ultimate high-performance, mixed signal ATE system. Its advanced hardware technology, coupled with CATE™ software for fast effective program production, makes the S790 Series2 the ideal solution for addressing today’s major board test concerns - test program generation, diagnostic speed and accuracy.

Protecting your investment
Fully compatible with all Schlumberger S700 test systems, the S790 Series2 provides a complete, risk-free migration path for all S700 series test programs.

Outstanding diagnostics capability
The sophisticated software intelligence of the S790 Series2 combines inputs from numerous tools, including fault history logs, to isolate the root cause of faults with very high accuracy and speed. Advanced diagnostic intelligence provides efficient faultfinding without the need for operator knowledge and experie