Generators of TTi

Signal and Waveform Generators

TTi have been innovators in signal and waveform generators more than two decades. The original Thandar TG series of analogue function generators rapidly earned a reputation for outstanding waveform quality whilst offering unrivalled value for money. The same attributes were later applied to the TGP series of pulse generators. During the 1990’s, digital function generators and arbitrary waveform generators were added. TTi is now at the forefront of arbitrary generator technology offering high speed multi-channel instruments with unrivalled facilities. Most recently TTi has used its expertise to develop synthesised RF signal generators. As with other TTi generators, the guiding principle has been to offer unmatched value for money without compromise to signal quality.

Function generators

The function generator is one of the most versatile pieces of test and measurement instrumentation available. It can generate a variety of precision waveshapes over a range of frequencies from mHz to MHz. It can provide a wide range of controlled amplitudes from a low-impedance source, and maintain constant amplitude as the frequency is varied. Voltage control of frequency enables a source of swept frequency to be generated for frequency response testing. AM and FM modulation facilities can also be utilised.

Arbitrary waveforms

Digital function generators have the potential for generating arbitrary waveforms. However, the architecture of a function generator differs from that of a true arbitrary generator with consequent limitations to the arbitrary capabilities. Nevertheless, function generators with an arbitrary capability can generate non-standard and custom waveforms which may be sufficient for many applications.
Arbitrary waveform generators differ from function generators in being able to recreate virtually any waveshape. An arbitrary waveform is defined by a set of digital values with respect to time which are ‘replayed’ through a DAC to provide the analogue output signal. The generator can replay the waveform at a wide range of repetition rates and at a wide range of amplitudes. The generator may also be able to modulate the waveform in a variety of ways.

Pulse Generators

The architecture of an analogue function generator gives it only a limited capabilities for the production of pulses. TTi therefore offers a dedicated pulse generator incorporating all of the facilities needed to produce controlled pulses of variable width, repetition rate and delay over a wide range.

RF Signal Generators

TTi have recently extended their range of signal sources to include high performance RF signal generators. The TGR series are low cost, synthesised RF signal generators that incorporate the essential features required for most development, test and service work; namely high frequency accuracy and stability, wide dynamic range, low phase noise and leakage, and flexible modulation capabilities.