Frame Grabbers of Intermedia Electronics (formerly MuTech )

Turn your PC into an effective Monitoring System with Phoenix Digital Camera's ands Frame Grabbers of Intermedia.

The Image/VGA-410 is a single-slot PCI board that contains an integrated frame grabber and 128-bit 3D accelerated VGA display controller. High quality video images can be digitized and displayed in real time inside a resizable video window on the computerís VGA monitor. Text and graphics can be written into the VGA memory and, using a color key, overlayed non-destructively on top of the live video. Chroma keying is supported so that a background can be underlaid behind the video scene.

The Image/VGA-410 is a fully functional VGA controller. Resolutions, with a live video window, of up to 1280x1024x32 bits are supported. The VGA graphics and video may have different pixel depths. The VGA data can be independently double buffered. The Image/VGA-410 provides 12V DC power through the DB-9 connector for supplying power to the camera. A strobe signal, controlled by a 16-bit counter, can be used to control the camera exposure/integration. The event trigger starts the strobe on an external event. A hardware trigger allows the capture of the next field or next frame of video.



  • Industrial Vision
  • Medical Imaging
  • Image Analysis
  • Microscopy
  • Image Data Base
  • Security
  • Identification Systems

Other products of Intermedia are :

  • Image/VGA-460 (RGB/Monochrome Frame Grabber)
  • MV-500 (Color/Monochrome Frame grabber)
  • MV-510 (Monochrome Frame Grabber)
  • FalconEye-MP (for Video Compression)