FaultFinder van DiagnoSYS

FaultFinder PCI

Turn your PC into an effective PCB Fault Finding System with FaultFinder PCI.

Finding faults fast, FaultFinder PCI guides you to the exact point of failure. Utilising power off test techniques to perform impedance analysis, FaultFinder PCI provides a completely safe method of test for newly manufactured or in-service boards.
Featuring Auto Learn, test programs are generated in minutes. Simply select the node to be tested and FaultFinder PCI automatically selects the best ranges, from an extensive combination, storing the signature for comparison or as part of a test program to use in future.
For even greater fault coverage the FaultFinder Scanner Box increases the number of test points that can be tested up to a maximum of 192 nodes. Incorporating an extensive built-in library FaultFinder PCI and FaultFinder Scanner Box make programming large boards simple and with minimal effort, letting you concentrate on repairing the board.
All test programs can be shared between FaultFinder PCI, FaultFinder VIP and
FaultFinder System for maximum flexibility.

  • Fixtureless Testing
  • Auto Learn
  • Easy to use graphical software
  • Built-in Libraries with Symbols
  • Impedance signature analysis test
  • Effective PCB trouble shooting system
  • Proven method of finding both digital and analogue faults

FaultFinder VIP

The Benchtop Fault Diagnostics System for Printed Circuit Boards

FaultFinder VIP guides you to the exact point of failure on a PCB utilising power off test techniques to perform impedance analysis. Designed as a separate desktop unit the FaultFinder VIP incorporates the functionality of the FaultFinder PCI and has a built-in scanner to provide up to 192 test channels. The scanner provides rapid analysis of devices through clips and multiple networks via edge connectors.

  • Easy to use graphical software
  • 192 test channels
  • Auto Learn
  • Interactive Live Mode
  • Diagnostics to network level
  • Power off techniques