Signal conditioning products of Data Translation

Data Translation can deliver signal conditioning modules with or without galvanic isolation for almost all sensor types. USB DAQ modules can be integrated into desktop case solutions.
There are different systems, like the flexible and modular SAE system, the modular and programmable DATAX system and the miniature high quality SAM system

  • Flexible and Modular Signal Conditioning Units:

    The Data Translation SAE-System is a flexible and modular desktop signal conditioning system. For almost all types of measurement signals and transmitters SAK amplifier boards are available with or without galvanic isolation.

  • Modular and Programmable Signal Conditioning System:

    DATAX racks are available with integrated DT9800-EC-I, DT9818-OEM, DT9834-OEM, or DT9836-OEM series USB module, as well as with adaptors for DT300- or DT3010-series PCI cards. Two different racks can carry 8 or 16 DAQ signal conditioning modules. The DAQ series amplifiers are single channel modules. They convert the connected signal to 5 V, offering high bandwidth and isolation. The modules can be inserted in any DATAX data acquisition system and exchanged at any time. Fits perfect for flexible solutions. Just give us a call or e-mail - and give our sales engineers the opportunity to listen to your requirements and make a recommendation. We want to help you select a perfectly customized system.

  • Miniaturized Signal Conditioning Modules::

    DT SAM modules are high-quality, single channel measured value transformers, which enable compact signal conditioning units. They can be inserted into DT SAM module boxes. Or use these modules to build your own OEM specific amplifier systems.

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