Accelerometers of DJB Instruments

Established in 1974, DJB Instruments (UK) Ltd are the UKs leading manufacturer of accelerometers, dynamic pressure transducers, instrumentation and cabling. From a modern production facility based in Mildenhall, Suffolk, UK we constantly strive for effi cient manufacturing, high quality and reliable product delivery.

All DJB products have an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, this is probably best appreciated through the history and number of our accelerometers still in use around the world that were sold during the early days of DJB. The range has grown to include the latest integral electronics accelerometers (IEPE) as well as Charge output devices, triaxial and monoaxial, miniature, high temperature and our specialist water cooled ultra-high temperature accelerometers.

Using our industry leading expertise and well proven piezo-ceramic technology we offer a range of sensors for dynamic pressure measurement. Many of these applications also require high temperature capability and our ultra-high temperature microphones offer solutions up to 650C.
In 2012 our cable assembly facility was expanded to offer an increased capability to a wider range of customers including many who are users of sensors of different types other than accelerometers. With a huge stock of cable types and connectors, backed up with our experience in cable assembly we can offer cables for sensors measuring force, pressure, angles, velocity as well as many more. In addition we also offer a test and repair service for cables from any manufacturer, available with quick turnaround we offer the complete cable assembly service.

As a supplier of vibration systems ABtronix has the possibility to provide you with various accelerometers and all the necessary accessories and for all kind of tests: from earthquake simulation, via aerospace, rotating machinery and automotive to household appliances. Ask for the possibilities by clicking the Mail button!