XJTAG Boundary Scan

  • XJTAG provides precise information of any fault found
  • Provides the ideal tool for testing BGA functionality
  • You can program and read devices In-Circuit
  • Investigate and toggle BGA pin activity in real time

XJTAG Performance

Many existing JTAG products simply apply the principles of "Bed of Nails" testing: creating test vectors, writing them to a circuit and reading the results back to determine a basic pass/fail of a circuit or JTAG device. With XJTAG, the possibilities and capabilities of JTAG are extended far beyond this.
The XJTAG development system consists of a suite of software products and XJLink (a USB-JTAG connector) that enable users to test and program electronic circuits. It has been designed to unlock the potential of JTAG.

XJEase: The high-level JTAG language.
XJEase is device-centric, so you can reuse the tests you write in different projects. It also allows you to use loops, jumps and variables to adapt test sequences to the current state of the circuit.

Advanced proprietary connection test by making use of its knowledge of the nature and interconnection of the devices in the circuit, XJTAG is able to test a higher percentage of a circuit than many other JTAG solutions. By monitoring the status of the devices in the circuit, XJInterconnect also provides you with more information about the location and precise nature of any faults that are found.

XJAnalyser :
A graphical view of the JTAG chains on your board. Its "Plug-and-Play" configuration gets you up and running quickly, allowing you to set and read back pin values or to use SVF files to program devices on the board.

A simple-to-use DLL API interface to the hardware. We can craft the API to meet whatever needs you have for the system, or you can buy a standard API.

XJTAG is a Technology Partner with Diagnosys. To find out more on XJTAG please go to www.xjtag.com