Conformal Coating Removal Workstation CRS8000 of DiagnoSYS

The CRS8000 coating removal workstations is a fully self-contained, non-chemical bench top workstation designed for the removal of conformal coatings applied to printed circuit boards and other electronic assemblies or devices. The CRS8000 workstation will remove urethane, epoxy, parylene, silicone and acrylic from a single test node, an axial lead component, a through-hole IC, a surface mount component or an entire PCB.

CRS8000 endeavours to provide the safest and most practical way to effectively remove conformal coatings. All the necessary safety features required for both the operator and the printed circuit board are designed into each workstation. The workstation has a large working area and is quick, efficient and safe. It has an ESD Safe Environment, and doesn't use chemicals. CRS8000 will selectively strip a component or an entire board with no PCB contamination.

As the CRS8000 doesnít it use chemicals, you don't need to worry about:

  • Hazardous chemical storage
  • Hazardous chemical disposal
  • Environmental problems
  • Chemical clean-up
  • Any problem meeting or exceeding government and EPA directives for chemical free cleaning
  • Problems with PCB etching

A continuous ground monitoring system is also included to:

  • Confirm that the workstation is tied directly to your house ground
  • Confirm that the operator is connected to the workstation

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