Digital USB Cameras of Intermedia Electronics (formerly MuTech)

Turn your PC into an effective Monitoring System with Phoenix Digital Camera's of Intermedia.

The Intermedia PC-1280 Digital Camera is a line of color and monochrome cameras, using high resolution CMOS Video Sensors and the standard USB 2.0 Interface. The cameras in this line provide high quality video/images for professional applications, low cost cable connections, Plug-n-Play easy installation and hot swappable USB interface.

The PC-1280/M is a monochrome digital camera with 8 or 10 bit pixel formats supporting both VGA and SXGA resolutions. Itís low cost and low power consumption are ideal in B/W applications. The PC-1280/M camera draws the power from the USB cable, eliminating the need for a separate power cable.

The PC-1280/C is a color digital camera with a Bayer RGB video sensor. Because of a built-in FPGA chip, the transferred pixel formats are user selectable as Raw Bayer (8 or 10 bit), YUV (16 bit) or RGB (24 bit). This capability gives the user the best pixel format for the application without the burden of software format conversion.



  • Medical/Biomedical Imaging
  • Scientific Image Processing
  • Industrial Inspection/Gauging
  • Video Sequence Capturing
  • Traffic Control/Monitoring


The PC-1280 Digital Cameras come with the Device Drivers and the Phoenix PC-1280 DEMO/Diagnostic which provides the control/ configuration to most features of the cameras. The drivers and the DEMO/Diagnostic work under Windows 2K/XP. Other Operating System support may be added in the future. Several application level interfaces are also supported, for example TWAIN, WIA and DirectShow.
Phoenix PC-1280 Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Windows Platforms is available, which allows full control of all the capabilities of the PC-1280 Cameras.