Telemetry systems of AXON GmbH

Today, it's more important than ever to have reliable, detailed information about torque, temperature or other feedback signals by metering the different types of applications.
The AXON telemetry systems help you to capture this data even from rotating applications. A very small rotor electronic, installed directly on the shaft captures, conditions and transmits the measuring data to a Stator Unit. After this the information can be reproduced on the Control Unit. Because it's easy to install and it can be powered inductively or with battery, it's a real all-rounder for measurements on rotating machinery. There's no easier way to run wireless data transmission!

Intelligent Power Transmission allows a significant improvement of the transmission distance and temperature stability as well as a compensation of any influence in terms of aging. Particularly the Ring-Stator JX-SR70 ensures in connection with Intelligent Power Transmission a permanent data stream even from shafts with a high degree of displacement. The system components can be exchanged easily with use of Plug&Play allowing flexible use. For example the individual alignment of the Stator-Transmission-Coil AXON JX-SR70 compensates for shaft and axis deviations however large and can supply the rotor side with energy reliably.

To meet the requirements of measuring torque on shafts in vehicles, it is important to provide continuous data transmission, even while measuring torque on drive shafts under a high degree of deflection. With the Ring-Stator JX-SR70, the System represents the perfect solution for measurements in vehicles on rotating machinery provided by rapid installation. The stator is equipped with a flexible transmission coil, which provides inductive power in every operating point of the suspension. Under permanent operation if on the road or on the race track, customers can confirm the reliability of the AXON System. To manage a professional and solid mounting of the shafts, AXON Systems offers application, calibration and installation of the shafts as a complete service.

In the mean time, Axon has developped a digital version and even up to four channels.