Saturn Data Acquisition System / Transient Recorder

For over many years AMOtronics has been supplying high speed data acquisition systems to the highest possible quality and specification. Solutions supplied by AMOtronics have been setting the standards in the acquisition and processing fields to a wide range of customers and applications.
By using reconfigurable digital techniques, we offer future-proof products that grow along with your application needs. The internal research and development guarantees access to the latest know how for groundbreaking and innovative solutions in analog and digital design, whilst strict quality control ensures the reliability, efficiency and precision of our measuring instruments.

The SATURN measuring platform is part of the newest generation of transient recorders to be available. High speed data handling with optical transmission via digital fibers combine to build a unique instrument with outstanding quality. Wide-banded analog signal conditioning along with fast sample rates enable acquisition to the highest standards. Our continuously expanding range of products covers all typical applications from mobile data recording with a few channels, to extensive installations of multiple high-speed channels.
AMOtronics is a growing high-technology company in Aachen, Germany, that employs more than 40 experts from different engineering fields. The highly qualified team ensures the latest technology and a natural commitment to best user friendly products, made in Germany.

High and medium voltage analysis

  • Circuit breaker tests
  • Fuse tests
  • Lightning pulse analysis
  • Power harmonic analysis
  • Power line faults and transients

Automotive engineering

  • Engine analysis
  • Airbag ignition systems
  • ABS breaking systems
  • Injection systems
  • Endurance tests

Military and space flight research

  • Ballistic research
  • Propulsion systems
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Electromagnetic launchs
  • Material tests